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Design strategy


This project addresses the challenge of mitigating cultural biases in design processes, through participatory design principles. The solution is LOOP.D, a strategised app that enables designers to connect with a diverse global audience from the project's inception, obtaining insights and feedback to eliminate biases and foster inclusive decision-making in the design process.


UX Design


This collaborative project, sponsored by SAS, prompted us to visualise the complexity of a supply chain system, through Deca Foods, a hypothetical multinational food distribution company, which struggles with food distribution and waste management.

Speculative Design


The aim of this collaborative project was to explore new approaches to visualization that communicate future climate change scenarios through the design of high fidelity prototypes of interactive displays and responsive environments in a science museum setting. Through a series of visual studies, we imagined how to bring our speculative designs to life.

Cover- Future of water.jpg
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