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Resume highlights



Graduate Teaching Assistant

North Carolina State University

  • Semester 1: I collaborated with three professors to deliver transformative design thinking methodologies to 250 students, leading immersive sessions for a focused group of 30. I facilitated dynamic discussions, led feedback sessions,  hands-on activities, and provided insightful guidance on design principles, fostering impactful learning experiences. 

  • Semester 2 (Ongoing): I facilitate typography for 10 senior students, delivering comprehensive InDesign tutorials, and leading discussions on typography rules, grid systems, and visual cohesion across platforms like publications, apps, and web design. My aim is to equip students with advanced typographic skills for enhanced visual communication.

  • Impact: During semester 1, I significantly clarified design methodology concepts, leading to a noticeable shift in students' approach and design strategies demonstrated throughout the course. Presently, I am observing a tangible increase in students' acceptance and comfort with typography rules, with a growing number of students embracing InDesign software.

Jan, 2022- July, 2022

Junior Graphic Designer, VelleStudio, India

  • Partnered with international teams to craft a diverse array of visual assets, including illustrated sticker packs across various themes, as well as static and video visual templates for integration into the Web app's component library.
    Demonstrated proficiency in leveraging their app for component design, resulting in the creation of visually captivating assets to enhance user engagement.

  • Impact: Achieved a notable impact during my tenure, notably contributing to a substantial increase of approximately 60% in the size of the company's component library. 

Sep, 2020-Sep, 2021

Associate Designer

Tiber Taber Fashion Pvt. Ltd., India

  • Wearing multiple hats for the startup, I spearheaded the end-to-end production and manufacturing processes for garment production, encompassing ideation, design conceptualization, raw material sourcing, and production management.

  • Orchestrated both in-house and outdoor creative photoshoots, overseeing model and product photography as well as video production for social media content.

  • Led multiple training workshops for 30 artisans and interns, covering diverse topics such as design principles, market research, and productivity methodologies including Kaizen, 5s system, and Pomodoro technique to optimize workflow efficiency.

  • Directed the overhaul of marketing strategies, executing a comprehensive rebranding initiative that included redesigning the logo, refining social media and website language and aesthetics, and introducing a brand mascot.

  • Redesigned product packaging (labels, tags, paper packaging, brand stickers, and shipping packaging) with sustainable materials and managed the sourcing and production processes for updated packaging materials.

  • Impact: Achieved remarkable results during my tenure, including an outstanding 82% surge in website footfall and engagement. Additionally, successfully propelled Instagram followers from 11k to an impressive 25k, demonstrating a substantial increase in brand visibility and audience engagement. Notably, sales experienced a significant spike of 80%, underscoring the effectiveness of strategic initiatives implemented during my tenure.


Aug, 2022-May, 2025

Master of Graphic and experience Design

North Carolina State University, Raleigh

I'm currently pursuing my Master of Graphic and Experience design at NCSU. The program has provided me with a strong foundation in user-centered design principles and research methods. I'm excited to apply my knowledge to real-world projects and continue to grow as a designer.

Aug, 2016-June, 2020

Bachelor's in Textile Design at National Institute of Fashion technology, India

I received my Bachelor of Design in Textile Design from NIFT, India. The program taught me the fundamentals of design thinking and methodology. The intricacy, accuracy and patience that is required in textile Design has made me a better designer.


  • Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Aftereffects, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, Figma, Miro, Slack, Notion, Microsoft Office Suite
  • Methods: UX Design, Design Thinking, Design Systems, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Wireframing, Data Visualisation, User Research, System Design
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